Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stop Marginalizing Anna Conda 2010

ONE SUPPORTER SAYs........."I call bullshit on the Bay Guardian for leaving you out of their DCCC questionnaire recap and I think all of your supporters should call and email Tim Redmond-"

I think this is a great idea! we have proven over and over that we are a strong clear focused campaign and yet main stream media and organizations such as the DCCC continue to marginalize us. Please send an email or write on the SFBG Blog about your feelings! Thanks and lets go get that idae that if you ignore us we don't exist. This is the exact reason I have chosen to run. I will not allow myself, my friends and my community be ignored. You can't arrest people for sitting and lying on the sidewalk because they are poor. You can't keep destroying DJ equipment and hurting bar patrons in raids, You can't kill San Francisco and make it a playground for Yuppies, You can't just close all the gay night spots and performance venues BECAUSE WE WILL NOT LET YOU!. We don't ALL want to live in the Marina! We will not stand for marginalization! Thanks, Anna Conda

Response from a supporter...

You have run a serious and issue-based campaign, you have received good reviews from your debate and other public appearances, and you deserve to have your effort treated and covered seriously and with respect. I won't let up on calling out unfair treatment by the media, especially the so-called progressive media. It is not okay just to cover you and your campaign as part of a Pride issue - in fact, it is the worst marginalization of a serious queer candidate that I can think of.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Endorsement from TAC PAC

Dear Glendan Hyde:

Please refer to the enclosed letter of endorsement when announcing our support for your campaign. We appreciate your timely response to our candidate questionnaire.

If you have any questions about our endorsement please refer to the contact information in our attached letter.

TACPAC "Tenant Associations Coalition Political Action Committee" endorsement slate for District 6 Supervisor is as follows:

1) James Keys

2) Jane Kim

3) Glendon Hyde

P.O. Box 420846
San Francisco, CA 94142-0846
(415) 289-2024
FPPC #1241868
Since 1/02

Lost Classic: The Woodentops * Giant (Rough Trade/Columbia, 1986)

Lost Classic: The Woodentops * Giant (Rough Trade/Columbia, 1986)