1. John Avalos - He gets number 1 because he cares about housing, harm reduction, and I almost always agree with his vote. Progressive for Mayor all the way.

2. Dufty and Chiu

a. I love Bevan as a person but housing is an issue and there for did not get my number 1 even though I considered it whole heartedly. He looks at issues and makes his own decision and owns it and I like that. Great supporter of harm reduction and youth services as well as Gay issues

b. Chiu gets a bad rap. He really looks at both sides and is often OVER criminalized for his decisions. He is a bit developer friendly but has stood with housing almost 100% the way. Park Merceed has the Progressive community at his throat but I understand where he is coming from with his decision. Not that I agree but his arguments make sense to me. Also he has the hardest night life district in the city. Safety and reducing violence is a hard thing to do especially in D3 and David has made it safer (although some of the legislation is a bit heavy for my taste). But He is a thinker and has done a great amount of out reach in the community and I really appreciate that. And he's a green kinda guy on his bike and stopping the litter caused by phonebooks. I like that.

3. Leland Yee - I like Leland and his Needle Access Bill is an amazing piece of legislation! His past is checkered but I do believe that his experience has taught him many new ways to handle and approach issues and I think he has changed his ways to a more progressive stand today.

I did seriously consider Herera but I work for the United Playaz and harm reduction groups like Alliance to Save Lives and Gang injunctions and crack pipe sale criminalization just will not let me support him. Sorry Denis I like you a ton but I just can't get past those 2 items.

I know that the "rules" are to endorse 1,2,3 or just one but thats why I'm an independent. I like to decide for myself how I feel. I know my prog friends are going to be angry about some of my choices but that was the same with my choices in D6 race. I plan on sticking to my guns though.

For DA I am going with David Onek. He was AMAZING at the debate last night and I am proudly supporting him as my only endorsement for DA.

Anna Conda