Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Regulate Party Buses and Save Nightlife's Dignity

Assembly Bill 43 deals with underage drinking on party buses but not the uncontrolled drinking of "adults". It was created to memorialize a nineteen year old male who died driving home after partying on a bus all night. However underage drinking is not the only problem these buses cause. Over drinking because alcohol is unregulated on these buses is also a huge problem for our neighborhoods. Many buses travel for an hour and a half before placing visitors in our midst. Many of the problems they cause are blamed on the night clubs and has substantially ruined their reputations with neighbors. Please send Fiona Ma a message at and ask her to look into regulation of alcohol on these buses and save our neighborhoods from inappropriate behavior and help restore nightlife to better place. This bill is in the State Assembly currently waiting for a hearing in Public Safety.