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Entertainment Commission Letter about Anna Conda and my replies

So this letter has gone out concerning people about my intentions for the Entertainment Commission. I thought I would share this so that we could all look at what it is like to go out and try to prove yourself on a Political stage. It's hard especially when narrow views of queer society; even by other queer people; try's to judge a person for what they are but not who they are. I ask you to combat this degradation of my character buy also sending emails to the supervisors stating my qualities and community building efforts.
Anna Conda

Dear friends,

This is a second message regarding my request for help to retain the neighborhood seat on the Entertainment Commission. In a separate email, I sent out a sample letter, but more personal comments by influential neighborhood activists such as yourselves will always have more of an impact. Here are some talking points.

Take into account who your message is going to. The Progressives need to know that they're touching a 3rd rail if they remove the institutional knowledge of a proven neighborhood advocate in favor of someone who clearly makes his living off the entertainment industry. The Moderate Supes may need a simple run down of why there's no need to change horses. (so obviously whom ever wrote this letter does not understand that Drag Queen pay is HARDLY a living especially when most of your work has been to raise money for Not For Profits the last 3 years.)

* .........helped then-Supervisor Mark Leno write the legislation that created the Entertainment Commission and was responsible for all the references to "good neighbor policies."

* Entertainment is a for-profit industry that should not have government-subsidized cheerleaders regulating it. (So because I have been using my position to do community outreach and create change I am ONLY a cheerleader? I thought that I was a hard worker who had to prove against all odds that I was serious about my positions and the work thats ahead because people make fun of drag queens. I have had to work twice as hard to prove myself and that still hasn't scared me off.)

* The seat he holds is specifically set aside by law to "represent the interests of City neighborhood associations or groups." (So then who am I representing coming in 6th out of 15 in D6 Elections if not the neighborhood interests. My platform and continued work is around youth, homeless rights, and drug policy change. Is that not community based solution solving in the interests of City neighborhood associations or groups? Oh and thank you for saying I hold the seat but I have only applied like you. Sounds like a good sign though.)

* Glendon "Anna Conda" Hyde, who is also interested in a position on the Commission, would be a fine candidate for the seat representing "the interests of entertainment associations or groups." The Mayor's appointment to that seat is open right now. ( I agree to this as well. Thats why I'm a perfect fit for communities as well but as stated before it's easy to pick on the drag queen for comical humor.)

* There is supposed to be EQUAL representation between the neighborhoods and entertainment industry on the Commission.

* The entertainment industry would never stand for any political hijinks that would diminish THEIR influence. ( I question as above why this is hijinks?)

* .......... is the 2010 recipient of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services' NEN Lifetime Achievement Award. (2011 Simean White Volunteer of the Year Award, You make a Difference Award 2010, Sainted Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 2009.... I could go on but you get the point.)

He authored the Good Neighbor Policy, Mediation Principles for staff and a Pre-Application Process that's meant to identify problems before new venues even open for business. (I would love to pick up where this left off and work with planning to circumvent future problems to small anchor businesses here in San Francisco. This person also calls the Eagle a Tweeker bar and is partly responsible for the 19K debt the Eagle sank into. By putting such strict regulations on the new bar home, after being removed from an old home because of condo noise complaints, the debt was so great the Eagle suffered and now is lost.)

* .......... has been keeping peace between neighbors and the nightclubs for more than fifteen years, first as vice-president of the SoMa Residents Associationand now as chair of the SoMa Leadership Council. ( Board of YMCA, United Playaz, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club. People want to work with me. I have worked with many many groups in the area and they call me. I am easy to work with and very dedicated. Just ask Tenants Together if you don't believe me or any other group I have worked with.)

* He understands the relationship between land use and entertainment issues. (Working on it by joining the Western SOMA Task Force because when I learned how important they were I set out immediately to learn as much as I could.)

* Has worked with Supervisor Mirkarimi to moderate his "Live Performance" entertainment permit legislation (? Really sounded like he was against it at the meeting.)

* In 2010 ........ had a 100% perfect attendance record.

* When the "appointing authorities" made careless appointments in the past, the Commission became so out of balance that the Mayor and President of the Board of Supervisors threatened to abolish it. (Careless. I resent the assumption that this is a careless decision. I think quite frankly I prove myself over and over again. With wit, smarts, an open mind, a solution based platform, and by showing up even when people keep trying to exploit what I am instead of who I am.)

* "This is an ethical minefield." Jim Meko in the SF Weekly, July 8, 2009

The entertainment industry has a lot of clout. Jane Kim appears ready to support Glendon "Anna Conda" Hyde for the Neighborhood seat. That would give the industry a clear majority on the Commission. Here are the email addresses for all the Supervisors (and their key aides). Make your feelings known to those members who best understand neighborhood sensibilities by copying them on your message to the Rules Committee. But first, please be sure to contact all three members of the Rules Committee:

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