Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gay 's of the day Bob Mould and Grant Hart

Minneapolis Minnesota seems like an unlikely place for pioneers in punk music; who just happen to be gay; to create a band that would land on the Rolling Stone 50 most influential bands of all time. But that is just what Husker Du front men Grant Hart and Bob Mould did. In 1979 on the crest of the American Hardcore explosion Hart and Mould joined forces with Greg Norton and formed the band Husker Du. They would release two LP's independantly before signing to Warner Brothers records. They were one of the very first American Hardcore bands to sign to a major label. The following epic concept LP "Zen Arcade" would land them critical success and set them apart from other bands at the time. "New Day Rising", "Candy Apple Grey" and " Warehouse: Songs and Stories" would continue to cement their success and "Flip Your Wig" would land them on the CMJ charts. Bands who sight them as an influence are the Pixies, Nirvana, Superchunk, My Bloody Valentine, and Green Day.
Bob Mould and Hart began to have problems working together and after the suicide of their manager they broke up for good. Bob Mould went on to form the band Sugar and released several LP's with that band as well as continuing a solo career. Bob is now a DJ in gay night clubs in the Washington DC area and his last release "District Line" combined his sharp guitar with more danceable production and his biggest success since the days of Husker Du.
They are my Gay's of the Day because they were pioneers in a scene that seemed anything but gay friendly. They created a hardcore punk band that would out last the likes of DOA and the Dead Kennedys. A standing tribute to the fact that Gays are everywhere and doing what they do just as hard and fast and far reaching as any other persons in their field. Being a punk from back in the 80's I used to wear out my "New Day Rising" record without even knowing that they were gay. I loved them back then and their music still stands the test of time and continues to be revered and create influence. Rock on my gay brothers and sisters; rock on.

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