Monday, January 4, 2010

Helping my friends at Tiara Sensation as they move to a new night

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Royalty and Commoners alike,

Princess TIARA SENSATION requests your presence at SOME THING. SOME THING happens Friday nights at the Stud, commencing with our opening gala on Friday, the Fifteenth night of January in the year of our Lady-Lord, Two Thousand and Ten.

We are proud to proclamate and set to celebrate Tiara Sensation’s monumental transition from manic Mondays to freaky Fridays. After a year and a half of doing everything wrong that we could possibly think of, we realized, we hadn’t yet tried SOME THING.

“Tiara Sensation was established to provide a free, creative party for people who want to ‘live the dream’ thru art and performance. And I'm ‘dreaming’ of a jager shot right now! ,” says VivvyAnne Forevermore, the hot heir apparent to the Tiara riches.

SOME THING is upping the auntie with not one, but two drag shows each night:

-"SOME THING" (a Gem in the Rough) at 11 p.m.

Glamamore’s "SOME THING MORE" (the Drool in the Crown) at midnight.

-SOME THING will make you DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! with sexy foreigners and the local gentry alike. Featuring all your favorite disk jockeys and DJ down-E.

-Make SOME THING at the craft table with Hot Gloo all night long.

According to Glamamamore, her royal dowager Empressness, “If you want to have fun in San Francisco, this is it. There is no thing like SOME THING!”

“We want people to experience joy, have fun, and remember that living is creativity explored,” says DJ down-E, esteemed jester, preferred above all others.

Failure to adhere to weekly thematic attire and spirit, though not required, is highly frowned upon, and therefore subject to the wrath of the queen (this does not, however, include "misunderstanding the assignment," even severely).

Yours humbly,

The Queen

Its a great group so please support! Anna Conda

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