Thursday, July 29, 2010

sit lie discussion

As a new condo owner in the Mid Market area, I support the Sit and Lie Law. Something has to be done to stop the problems business and property owners have with the homeless. They block the entrance to our buildings, trash the sidewalks in front of our homes, urinate and defecate anywhere they please.

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    • Anna Glendon Conda Hyde
      How much do you donate to housing every year? Housing is often blocked by attitudes just like this but when you house someone and give them a toilet the problem is solved. It is our selfish spending and lack of compassion that allows this epidemic to continue. If it is not our problem then who's problem is it? Why should the homeless be put in jail? It costs 1 months worth of housing to incarcerate someone for 3 nights. Until we all take an active part in creating change and expecting others to do the work for us we will continue to have problems. Sit?Lie is about calling attention to a problem and then saying that the homeless are criminals and this is NOT a solution. It is a bastardization of our governmental process and should never have even been created. By the way it was an idea germinated here in SF to throw gays in jail instead of having them hanging out in the Castro. Should we just keep using laws like this till were all in jail!

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