Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gays being Gay in San Francisco

In the past 2 weeks the Gay Community and our Culture has received a sucker punch both in public and in private. 

In a lively debate about astro turf and bright lights at the Beach Chalet, Supervisor Elsburnd asked the question about the safety of children due to gay cruising in the bushes. To this police Chief Gregg Shur replied that he and his manly soccer friends are afraid to go into the bushes; all kidding aside. 

I thought this was an environmental issue being discussed but if it is really a question of getting bright lights so fags don*t cruise in the bushes, don*t bother we have Grinder for that now. As for me being a danger to children I could go into the fact that most pedophiles are straight but refrain from going there. NOT! 

In fact straight people are a generally violent lot compared to the faries and dykes I know. So look in the mirror if you wanna see who is hurting the children. Thats not my big gay culture staring back at you is it. Thats why I could care less about assimilation. I am proud of my culture. Oh and fear not she aint after no chillen! PUH leze!~

I don*t think gay men need to apologize for our behavior either. Just because straight people don*t care to have it around or understand it. It*s was through our generous persecution we ended up in the bushes in the first place.

Then the Eagle tavern liquor license debate. Now I know you can*t tell landlords and business owners what to do but I can ask Mark Rennie why he is working on a deal to oust 3 gay men in negotiations to buy the Eagle in favor of 5 straight men. Could have something to do with the Landlords broker being tied to the building housing Foreign Cinema and one of the new straight investors being part owner of Foreign Cinema. There is a connection but i just can*t quite put my penis... er um finger on it.

In his letter; that I understand was actually written by the 3 queers also having an exclusive deal with the Eagle property broker and a SOMA based liquor license as compared to the one that is on import from the Mission; Mr Rennie notes the sights importance to the Gay community and our historic ties to the space. I may be wrong but I do not think Mr Rennie is a man of the bushes so I question why he speaks for us. 

I*m worried that while we are noshing on our oven fresh pizza on the patio at the economically feasible beer bust we can remember the golden showers of yester year as commemorated by a plaque. This must be what Mr Rennie alludes to in his letter because those are the plans. The real kicker is the clever name of this enterprising group, Double Rainbow.

Personally I would rather we Queers speak for ourselves and own our own cultural institutions. It just gives it that authentic feel. 

Now I have that off my chest I am heading to the mirror to apply my Queer war paint. Lots of work to do in the city these days.

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