Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks and now....

You know I want to thanks everyone. It was totally fun. The Cinch asked me to take a break for a few weeks and I have made the decision to just end it. The break was a result of the condos next door complaining about the noise. It is a bit more homophobic than that. The Polk no longer welcomes gay businesses and the Polk Street Merchants Association has even taken action against leasing to gay businesses. A perfect example is the Deco lounge being black balled and the continued pressure to end the gay presence in the Polk so that the Marina and all its clean falsehood can expand. It is gentrification and bigotry. It has been an entire year of facing this as a gay culture. In fact our last show was almost a year after Prop 8 passed and we did our Yeah Yeah Yeah's tribute.
I love Charlie Horse for its angry punk voice and fighting spirit. I loved it because it gave Marcy and Anna and Dam and Dean and Mutha and Juanita and anyone who wanted to be a part a home. The jokes became the story and the story fucking kicked ass! I love that we never played Madonna except when I performed her breaking our only rule... No Madonna thus giving Juanita and Turleen free rage to abuse us with her again. I love that Kiddie has no memory of her six month run as co host because she was blacked out downstairs by 11. I love that the Cinch was the hottest ticket in town because it is a fuckin awesome bar. I loved the bar staff who made the night work and gave us a home. I love the DJ's for making me dance and want to be somewhere. The "talent" that made us laugh till we cried and let us have fun without questioning it. I loved the Taco's pop corn, STRONG drinks. The shows. The girls. The Guys. The audience, you guys were AWESOME and I love you for all that you have given me.
A home. Unconditional love. Faith. Strength. A voice. Acceptance. Patience. A swift kick in the butt. A way to repay and give back for all that drag has given me. Since Boy Bar I was looking for a way to give back and I feel like I have. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. It has meant the world.
Im sad. Let's face it terribly sad. I am going to miss the shit out of this night. It has meant so much. I just don't want to dwell on my tears.
Charlie Horse has gotten me past wanting to wallow in my tears. I want to move on. I want to create and I don't want the hassles that a weekly on the Polk was bringing. I want to fight a bigger fight. I want to create change and this party made me believe that we can make that change. Plus I have Herr-A-Chick to get dressed like a lady and get drunk and fall down.( As a cougar it is harder on the body than it used to be.) Today in Sf there is so much going on in the city from Tiara Sensation to Ducal Court events and I want to be a part of that again. Plus I am a married lady and I am sure he could use a little more attention and less ego from me.
Yes its sad but its hopeful. Conservatism is not going to win and I am going to devote all the hours that I put into CH and make sure that this city and country start taking notice of the ways that they are bullying us. We need to mobilize in a greater force and I hope to spend the new freedom making that happen. I will see you in the streets and in the bars and maybe even on the Board one day. Wherever it is it's going to be because of the strength you people shared with me. Charlie Horse was magic. It was DIY till the end. It was inspirational. To be a part with you all has been the best and most fun I have ever had.
Special thanks to Bob and Robbie and Miss Lucy Borden. Special special to Lucy! Thanks sister. Thanks to the bar staff new and past that helped so much. I love you like you were family and thats why I treated you that way.
Charlie Horse RIP 2004-2009

Besos AC

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  1. Thanks for all the good times and all you have done Lady! My first performance at Charliehorse was only my second time in drag, having it there as a place to get retarded and rock out over the course of my "career" has totally shaped my point of view as a drag queen and borderline alcoholic. Gone maybe, but not forgotten!