Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Supervisor?

Why Supervisor? Well because I believe I can do that job and find creative and exciting ways to raise revenue so that the people who are struggling to live in San Francisco can have an easier time at it. District 6 is where I have lived my entire Fourteen year stay in San Francisco. From the Hayes Valley to the Tenderloin and South Of Market to Nob Hill I have lived in them all. This is the heart of the city with the richest and the poorest all thrown together. It is an awesome responsibility to think that my voice might be chosen to represent this group of San Francisco environs. This neighborhood is where I found my voice and became the activist and leader that I have become. This neighborhood is where I learned to use this voice to stand up to injustice on a public level. Like the Ladies at the Compton Cafeteria I can no longer be silenced and I will not be still and I am using my voice to the best of my ability. I hope that my voice in some way echos my foresisters and starts to create change in the way our government treats the least and the greatest of these.
I have one idea that uses three of my favorite issues and could generate income. One saturday my partner Brett and I walked through SOMA and realized that this neighborhood is literally covered in glossy night club flies that are not recyclable due to lamination. These fliers are left to end up in the bay polluting our water, the ocean, and contributing to the already global disaster of our seas being filled with plastic particles. I say charge the club who is not responsible enough to clean up after an event one dollar per flier left on the side walk with in a 2 block radius. Put that money directly into solving the homeless issues that are becoming more and more pressing as this recession lingers on.
Ok so who is going to clean this up? Well I say we partner with an organization like the Community Housing Partnership who works with restoring dignity to the homeless through housing and work programs. They are used by many street fairs to supply workers and do a fantastic job every time. Also the reason I mention the Community Housing Partnership is that they have a 98% success rate in keeping people off the streets. From what I can tell its because they give the person their dignity by making them responsible in their own lives and offering a future. This is a way for everyone to win. Its simple. It 1. cleans the streets 2. helps the environment both locally and globally 3. provides jobs and revenue, 4. is a PRO ACTIVE solution, 5. It forces people creating litter to own up to it and be accountable. Also I have run a successful club and never once had to use glossy paper fliers and never had enough made even to cover an entire 2 block radius. It is waste on so many levels that this is a no brainer as far as revenue and environmental impact. This is not a punishment but a solution.
That is just one idea that at this time I can share.There are sure to be issues that need to be worked out with any plan but new and better solutions must be found and implemented so that everyone can live in this city. There are many many issues such as education, homeless, environmental, gentrification, traffic, and so on that can have a solution that generates new revenue and solves a problem at the same time and it can be very easy. I believe that I am a motivator and a very dedicated person who has ideas, a voice, and the desire to bring about this change and return government to its task of serving the people.
I am currently putting together a team to give this run the power and support I will need. The real campaigning starts this spring now is fundraising time. Deeanna Leitner and Jason Smart have signed on as Treasurer and Co Treasurer. I have asked two people to come on board as Campaigne Manager and co-Campaigne Manager. I am very serious about this and believe that I can win and do a good job with the position.
These are the reasons I have filed to run for Supervisor of District 6. The passion comes from not being able to sit back and watch what is happening to my peers across the land. Gay and Lesbian legislature based on bigotry and fear made law, our waste piling up so high that we are now in a state of emergency, money and help being denied AIDS patients who will die without this help. This is not what our government was meant to do. It was meant to work for the people and with the people not corporations and special interests. I am running because it is time for us to start making the change that we so desperately need. I want to be given the chance to start creating this change because I believe we can do it.
Anna Conda

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