Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Questions about Milk Club Party

Hello Everyone,

First off let me state for the record we talked about pricing of the party A LOT!
$40 dollars is pricey but this is a major special event and only $10 after 10! However I totally understand the perspective that $40 is a lot to ask. I am there myself.
I scrape by in this city by the skin of my teeth and sandwiches provide by my work on Monday and Tuesday. (I cant wait for them to go back to the hummus. Egg salad not so much but I eat it.)
I am really grateful that I have dedicated myself to this club because the work that is being done is going to make people stand up and take notice.
It is part of our goal to really invite expressive exciting Queers to hang out with us.
Dont get me wrong we work very hard to bring a voice that is pro nightlife, pro drug policy reform, pro housing, pro people, pro sexworker, pro worker and questions why some voices are heard more than others.
This work and being a chartered Democratic Club require that we have money  because we have programs to run.
That money goes to help people like Jamie Rafaella Wolfe run for the DCCC and offer a new trans voice to the discussion. She is someone I truly stand behind and am proud to be organizing to support her future in the discussion.
This is what I am doing and to do this work takes money. Not for an office or for pay to any one. All labor is love motivated only.
So to help get your voice we are having a swanky shin dig at $40 dollars a pop. But um like I get the messages to go to these events and this price for what you are getting is pale in comparison. NOT that I can afford it but really we tried to be at least be reasonable.

Also from 10-2 there is a 10 dollar admission and that gets you a membership to Milk for a year! Thats how we arrived at that price.
 That features Stay Gold, Hard French, Honey Sound System, Bear-z-Bub, SOME Thing- Historic, Sucker Punch, and many more.
We want you to celebrate Harvey s Birthday with us! We are trying as hard as we can to get you to be with us.

So again its $40 and up from 7-10 where we give awards to
Jose Sarria (Total radical Ass Kicking mother of all Queens honey!)-Harry Britt Life Time Achievement,
Jon Ginoli (Pansy Divison) and Lynee Breedlove (Tribe 8 and Homobiles) Hank Wilson Activist Award,
The Ducal Court of SF- Bill Kraus HIV/Aids Activism Award,
El Rio - The Community Ally Award,
Transgender Law Center - Baynard Rustin Civil RightsAward
The Cockettes - Sylvester Pride in the Arts Award

Plus tributes to our awardees with live performances by Thrill Peddlers, Doug Hilsinger, Tom Orr and surprise guests. Along with Catering to die for!
This is a multi media presentation and amazing footage will be shared. Honestly I think Nate Albee thought he was producing a SMASH episode!

So we have a great night all night lined up no matter what your price range and if not this year join us and help out next year.
I would love to let everyone in for free.... trust Charlie Horse never cost no body nothin but maybe a liver or two, but this is simply a different situation.
Trust me I HATE knowing $40 is too much for some and nothing to others. It just reminds me why I am doing this work.

Anna Conda

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  1. Anna - emailing you on this too but please give me more quotes for the press release I am writing on the Par-tee SUE