Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freedom of Speech

So for many months there have been people up in arms about Butu Banton a Jamacian musician who has suggested that the past time of pouring acid and shooting gays for sport is a good idea. Now on the anniversary of Matthew Shepards murder he will grace the the Rockit Room and share with his fans his message. The Rocket Room has said that what we don't understand is that he grew up poor and in a country that doesn't have the sensitivity to the culture norms of our society. So perhaps it is time for Jamaica to limit the rights of gays and lesbians there if we are truly leading the way. But i digress. So everyone wants to say that poor little bigoted Butu should be or do something. The Rockit Room wants the cash it can make off of hatred and bigotry in the guise of artistry and many gay and human rights activists would like to see his night shut down. Yet still some raise the real issue here Free Speech.
I honestly believe that Butu should be aloud to voice his opinion. Honestly I do. I would never shell out a single cent to the label he is on, the venues that support him and his bigotry, or ever attend shows that sponsor him. This is MY choice and my reaction to his words. However with this I must add that what seems to be missing from this argument is the fact that his words are used to incite violence and death to people. Real People. Why people just like Matthew Shepard in fact. Huh now that is a coincidence.
Butu in SF; the gayest city in the world; AND it's the anniversary of Matthew Shepards death at the hands of malicious ignorant people incited by the idea that it is alright to hate, brutalize, torture, rape and crucify a gay person. How very interesting that these two events would come together so perfectly after Prop 8. Its like a novel right out the mind of Kurt Vonnegut darlings!
This is what I propose. Lets protest the fuck out of this show but lets do it not as an angry mob but as a people morning the death of a soul lost to us by anti gay violence. Lets show the bigots and the people who make a living off hate what the price of their speech is. Show them that their words kill and scar and maim a peaceful and noble people. This protest should be a funeral of epic proportions for Matthew. We should dress in black, veiling our faces, bringing flowers and candles and really making the message known that you can kill one of us but we will never forget that you have. We will not excuse your ignorant behavior and will haunt you like the memory of those you have killed. We should use our voice and free speech to show the true horror of bigotry and those taken by it.
I plan on black and flowers an candles and umbrellas if need be. I plan to be outside the Rockit Room showing them what they have hired and stand behind.... The face of oppression and death. Its their freedom to do so and its ours to educate them in their mistake. Rockit Room Monday night because there is no reason for Matthew to have died in vain or died at all.

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