Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gay Pride 2010 the Last Charlie Horse

Um I have to say that I never expected to feel guilty about stopping Charlie Horse. Hello! I never expected to feel; let alone still be parading around in a wig every week for what will be over 5 years. I mean we will go down in history for hiring some of the worst acts in the city and loving them with all our hearts. You should applaud yourselves for putting up with it quite frankly!
I started this club because I wanted to hear rock and roll and do some drag. I was sick of being pushed around and asked to conform every where I went. I'm not a bitch darlings; I'm and anarchist. Well I've had more than my share of good times and created a place where everyone who asks gets to play but its just too damn big for the Cinch to handle. Were just not equipped darlings and there are gonna be problems if we keep on growing any larger. I am not willing to take the fall for underage drinkers, violent marina girls and their boyfriends who think they are so macho they should start fights or grab the pretty ladies hair, or deal with neighbors in new condos who don't like noise. No the time has come.
I am sure my CH family will tell you that this last year has been the weirdest ever! Just odd. It has been the best of times ie Charlie Horse Fresno; and the worst of times ie 3 violent episodes during the past year due to it being too crowded. We have made it. We are a hit. Now its time to fuck off.
This night gave me a voice and I'm gonna use it and maybe do some really fun other things like Herr-A-Chick on Wednesdays with Rentecca where my love of rock comes with live bands and weird outlandish cabaret monstrosities. Plus the Eagle is also a dive and a great rock and roll establishment.
Most of all I want to thank you guys for hanging in there. Thanks for marching on Polk with poo filled bags. Thanks for not taking it seriously. We sure have had a blast and will continue to until my favorite Holiday Gay Pride 2010. You know it was worth fighting for the pool tables. I think we have earned them.

Anna Conda

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