Sunday, October 3, 2010

"A DRAG QUEEN CAN'T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.'"-- Theresa Sparks, candidate for District 6 City Supervisor.

"A DRAG QUEEN CAN'T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.'"-- Theresa Sparks, candidate for District 6 City Supervisor.

If this were the only way that candidate Theresa Sparks insults the queer community, that would be bad enough. But while claiming that her position as Director of the Human Rights Commission shows her commitment to human rights, Sparks's actions prove otherwise:
+In an anti-democratic move, she has pressured store owners not to hang the signs of other candidates.
+As a police commissioner, Sparks has supported the police policy that says trans women carrying more than 1 condom on their person can be [detained/arrested?] as prostitutes.
+Sparks actively endorses the proposed sit-lie law that criminalizes the homeless--many of whom have ended up living on the street as the direct result of being trans or queer. (This also contradicts Spark's claim that she is a fiscal conservative: Not only will passage of this unconstitutional law immediately embroil the city in an expensive lawsuit, but three days of jail time for a homeless person costs the same [more?] than providing them housing and social services for an entire month.)

I'm proud of my history as a drag queen, and that's why I include my drag name in my campaign. I'm asking for your vote, however, based not on my (admittedly fabulous) outfits, but on my progressive policies and my commitment to the district that has been my home for 14 years. As Supervisor of D6, I promise:
I will [fight] for more affordable housing for all.
I'll [push] to extend rent control to small businesses.
I'll collaborate on revamping Muni so that it really works--without punishing the Muni workers who keep it running..
I will sponsor a tax non-medical cannabis
I will fight to make sure San Francisco's funds are spent
housing people rather than jailing them
creating jobs instead of providing billionaires tax breaks/cutting sweetheart deals with corporations
repairing, cleaning, and greening the streets and sidewalks rather than attacking San Franciscans sitting on those sidewalks.
[ital/bold]Can drag queens be taken seriously? Damn right we can![end ital] VOTE FOR ANNA CONDA aka GLENDON HYDE ON NOVEMBER 2nd.

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