Sunday, October 3, 2010

League of Pissed Off Voters Endorse Anna

Here are the League's endorsements for November. Our full voter guide that explains why we're voting this way will be posted on soon.

State Candidates:

Governor: Jerry Brown

Lt Governor: No endorsement (Gavin came up one vote short of getting our endorsement!)

US Senator: Barbara Boxer

Sec of State: Debra Bowen

Controller: John Chiang

Treasurer Bill Lockyer

Attorney General: Kamala Harris

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Larry Aceves

State Board of Equalization: Betty Yee

State Assembly District 12: No endorsement

State Assembly District 13: Tom Ammiano

State Senate District 18: No endorsement

Supreme Court Justices: Cantil-Sakauye, No; Chin, No; Moreno, Yes

State Props:

19: Yes - Legalize!

20: No - Expands undemocratic redistricting commission to cover congress

21: Yes - $18 vehicle fee to pay for state parks

22: No - Complicated & suspicious way to prevent state borrowing from local agencies

23: Hell No - Cold-cocks CA’s landmark anti-global-warming bill

24: Hell Yes - Repeal corporate tax breaks

25: Hell Yes - Restore majority rule for the state budget!

26: Hell No - Cripple CA’s ability to pay for services via fees

27: Yes - Eliminate that sketchy redistricting commission (see 20)

Local Props:

AA: Yes - $10 vehicle fee for roads, transit, and pedestrians

A: Yes - $46m bond to seismically retrofit affordable housing

B: No - Increase city employees pension contributions & take away health care

C: Yes - Question Time with the Mayor . . . Round 3

D: Hell Yes - Allow non-citizen public school parents to vote for school board

E: Hell Yes - Election Day voter registration for SF-only elections!

F: No - Suspicious consolidation of random Health Services Board Elections

G: No - Standardize Muni drivers’ pay formula, but add anti-worker language

H: No - Bar some SF elected officials from political party committees

I: Yes - Donation-funded Saturday voting pilot program for 2011

J: Hell Yes - Raise the hotel tax to save City services

K: Hell No - Poison pill against raising the hotel tax

L: No - Make it illegal to sit on the sidewalk anywhere in SF

M: Yes - Require police foot patrols & block Prop L

N: Hell Yes - Raise the tax on properties sold for more than $5 million

Local Candidates:

Board of Supervisors

District 2: Janet Reilly

District 4: No endorsement

District 6: 1- Jane Kim; 2- Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde; 3- Debra Walker

District 8: Rafael Mandelman

District 10: 1- Chris Jackson; 2- Tony Kelly; 3- Ed Donaldson

BART Board: Bert Hill

Assessor: Phil Ting

Board of Education: Hydra Mendoza, Bill Barnes, Kim-Shree Maufus

Community College Board: John Rizzo

Public Defender: Jeff Adachi

Judge: Michael Nava

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