Friday, October 15, 2010

With 19 Days to go

I think it would be very hard not to say that no matter what we have won. The team has always said the idea is to win but our goal is to fight, and we have fought as hard as any little lady could. We have taken on Big Time politics and risen to the top of the heap and garnered respect and stayed dignified in the process. It is with undying gratitude to Jessica Berardi, Tyler Hosack, John Ferreria, Jason Smart and Adam Britt who have stayed with me since a year ago today on one of the toughest experiences that we could have together. Dean Disaster, Matt Contrill, Joe Kowalke, Jeff Javits, and Alic Shook who got us off to a flying start and have contributed as much as they could over the year and helped keep the campaign going even as they found jobs and struggled to pay rents in this economy. I am forever grateful to Orlon, Steven, Gene and David Lewis for going above and beyond the call of duty and really taking to the streets for the cause. Also the many many many of you that spared anywhere from 5 to 500 dollars to support our campaign because to have raised 20K (including in kind donations) is a great accomplishment and has allowed us to be a contender for this Nov 2 election. Also to my club friends and new friends that I have met along the way your efforts at out reach in the TL and fundraising efforts at your parties help solidify our chances and prove that there is a voice to be heard that is not in a condo or part of the main stream but still a voice that demands being heard!

We are proud that all our materials are from recycled stock and are printed with soy based ink and will not harm the environment. We can also be proud that our message did not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get out there. Instead our foot work and out reach has all been community based. We feel that it is time to really look at what elections are and how we abuse and confuse the voters into believing that it is necessary to buy elections or spend ungodly amounts of money to influence your vote.

We started this campaign to prove that YOU can make a difference in politicks and we have. To be the drag queen candidate, who came out of no where and ended up being endorsed by some of the leading media, organizations, and voter groups has proven that we can make a difference and that we should take the time to do so.

As exhausting as this has been I have never felt better or more alive. It has truly connected myself and my team to what is going on at a level that none of us expected. The fight is not over an we can always use your help in the last days for out reach and especially on Nov 2! Mostly though I want to share my gratitude to YOU, the people who created a force to be reckoned with against all odds. My friends we are the voice of change against the over gentrification and selling out of our city. Our fight is not over but thats alright! We know now that we can do it and on November 2nd we are going to see some very surprised faces when they see just what we have achieved together.

Finally to those who wrote us off and to my parents who told me being gay and female identified would lead to a life of misery and rejection.... You were wrong. As a survivor and a fighter I am very proud to say that. Instead of a statistic we have become innovators. Thanks for not giving up because we have already enacted change and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Thanks for the support and continued effort till the votes are counted. Never give up because as Queen said in our team theme song this year "We are the Champions my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end."


Anna Conda

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